About Us

Our goal is to unite 100 men to each give $110 to a common local nonprofit once a quarter. The impact of coming together to make a $10,000 donation will change our community in ways that far surpasses what we can do as individuals.The reward comes when we experience our community changing lives as a result of our unity and our generosity.

We’re driven by a passion to make a difference. We believe in the power of community. We believe in local involvement. We believe in now.

Each quarter, we meet for dinner at The Heathman Lodge in central Vancouver, pool our resources, and select one of three previously-nominated, vetted, local non-profits. By the end of the evening, funds are delivered to the non-profit of choice so they can begin pursuing their passion immediately.

Our People

Our board leads with community members from all walks of life. We don’t need the notoriety — we work behind the scenes to make non-profits the heroes. And we work to help our 100 men make a splash. We’re dedicated, excited, and motivated to spend our time helping us all make a difference.

Our Board

Join us today and help make a positive impact in your community.